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Psychic Revelation Editorial

Each month one of us will be writing an editorial article for Psychic Revelation. The views given are personal ones and do not necessarily represent the views of Psychic Revelation.

This month's editorial is by Talisman regarding a local new story.

I was very perturbed to see a local news story today that involved a homeless man freezing to death on the steps of a church where he had apparently gone looking for help. The temperature at the time was around 11°F - pretty damn cold to even be out and about let alone living in that sort of temperature.

I was even more perturbed to see the reaction of the local authority which basically blamed the man himself for not knowing where to go. Really? And just how should he have known where to go?

I suppose the authorities could have sent him a letter.

Oh... wait a minute. The homeless don't have an address do they?

Perhaps they could have phoned him? Not on a landline of course - he doesn't have a home. Everyone has a cellphone nowadays, perhaps they could have called him on that? What? No cellphone?

Ah... The Internet. They could have e-mailed him. Except of course he didn't have a computer.

So just how the *@$^&*! hell was he supposed to know where to go?

In this "I'm alright Jack" society in which we seem to live over here doesn't anyone in authority care? How can any society that by it's own admission is one of the most affluent in the world possibly call itself civilized when it lets its citizens freeze to death on the streets?

We should all be ashamed.


~ Talisman December 2008