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Psychic Revelation Editorial August 2008 - Our Visitors

Each month one of us will be writing an editorial article for Psychic Revelation. The views given are personal ones and do not necessarily represent the views of Psychic Revelation.

This month Talisman is going to talk a little about the visitors to Psychic Revelation.

In the last thirty years there has been a significant increase in the interest shown by people like you and I in the metaphysical side of life. This has increased sharply within the last five years. There are many aspects to metaphysics of course and there is no one part of it that is of prevalent interest. People come here for so many different reasons it can be hard to keep track. Sure, there are some sections that seem to get more visitors than others. Our psychic and tarot readings are incredibly popular. So are our astrology and tarot spreads section. These are obviously pretty mainstream by most people's standards. Crystals too, have seen a large increase in the number of visitors and I expect this to become an even higher number now that we have more than tripled the number of stones that are covered.

But what of the smaller or less well known topics? What about things like geomancy, or the I Ching? Are they still of interest to people in this modern day and age? The answer is yes! It never ceases to amaze me how some sections that I included out of personal interest are also very popular with visitors. Most times it's not a case of finding it once they got here, but of actively searching in the first place.

So who comes here? People from all walks of life and all levels of society is the short answer. All different races, creeds and religions. Men and women. And just about any job you can think of too! Obviously we can't divulge the names of our clients but you'd be surprised.

We get visitors from all around the world too. probably the majority of visitors come from the Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and the USA. These are obviously areas where there is a strong metaphysical interest. But we also get visitors from some less obvious areas: Belgium, Estonia, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, the UAE, and the Ukraine. And that list is by no means comprehensive!

What are our visitors looking for? Generally speaking our visitors fall into three categories. Those that are actively seeking guidance through a psychic reading, astrology or numerology. Those that are looking for metaphysical products such as crystals, pendulums, or wiccan tools etc. And those that are searching for information.

There were two main reasons that Psychic Revelation was first started. The idea was to provide a service for those seeking answers that was not outrageously priced - you should see the price some of the larger psychic sites charge. Usury is probably the best way of describing it. And the second reason was information. back in 2002 I had a healthy interest in metaphysics and was always searching around the Internet for information. It was easy and hard to find at the same time. easy because there were many web sites that covered what I was looking for and hard because none of them covered the subjects I was interested in in any great depth. Mostly they were purely and simply trying to sell you something. They weren't really interested in you.

I decided to start Psychic Revelation and change what I saw as a costly psychic service into an affordable one and a poor reference service into one that might actually provide the answers people were looking for. Almost six years later we're still here and still going strong - getting stronger in fact. Psychic Revelation is already the biggest metaphysical web site on the Internet and it is nowhere near finished. As the song says: "We've only just begun..."

Whatever reason made you come to Psychic Revelation, we hope you found what you were looking for. Unlike many web sites we are always happy to hear from our visitors. After all, it's thanks to people like you that we have a reason to keep going. If there was something you were looking for and didn't find, let us know. And if it's within our power to provide that information as a new section on our web site we will do so. We want Psychic Revelation to not only be the biggest but the best.


~ Talisman August 2008