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Psychic Revelation Editorial October 2008 - Politics

Each month one of us will be writing an editorial article for Psychic Revelation. The views given are personal ones and do not necessarily represent the views of Psychic Revelation.

This month Serene is going to talk a little about politics. Why you should vote and why that vote should count.

For most of the time most of us have very little interest in politics and if our politicians are doing a good job you can get by with that lack of interest. It all changes of course, when they don't do a good job. And as recent events have shown they did not do a good job. If they had there would not have been an economical meltdown.

But an economic meltdown there has been. And now we are all paying the price and our descendents will be paying that price for generations to come. It is very easy to point the finger of blame at the current administration as all parties seem to be doing. And indeed much of the blame does lie there, but not all of it. Republicans had the opportunity to do something about it when they controlled congress as did the Democrats. Neither party chose to and so they both bear some of the blame as well.

But who else should bear some of that blame? The corporations themselves of course. Their corporate greed is what caused this financial mess. You can only go on inflating a balloon for so long. Eventually it bursts. Everyone knows that. It's common sense and common knowledge. But not apparently to the corporations involved.

If regulations had been in place this would not have happened. "We can self-regulate!" they cried and so they were (very unwisely) allowed to do so. They got what they wanted. So why the hell should the tax payer bail them out? The bail-out is without doubt the most unpopular piece of legislation I have ever seen pushed through. Our elected representatives are supposed to represent us and carry out our wishes. Not their own self-motivated agenda. Did they? No. Not by a long shot.

But who else should bear some of the blame? It's all of you that voted for the current administration back in 2004. The writing was on the wall back then. Did you read what it said? Apparently not.

Do I trust politicians? No. Not until they do something worthy of trust.

Do I respect politicians? No. Not until they do something worthy of respect.

But it is time for a change. It is time the American people sent a loud and clear message in the forthcoming election. And that can only be done by using your vote and using it wisely.

Everyone should vote. If you don't vote then you can't bitch about what happens during that administration. The polls currently show a gap of just a few points. That, I find absolutely incredible. Because of what has happened that gap should be 40 points not 10. Most people vote the way their parents did. They always vote the same way. Why?

So... are you going to vote the way you've always done? Or are you going to stop and think for yourself instead?

Are you going to take this opportunity to voice your displeasure and make your vote count by voting Democrat?

Or are you going to vote Republican and wait for the next BOHICA moment?

Me? I've made my choice. I am sick and tired of being screwed.


~ Serene October 2008