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Psychic Revelation Editorial September 2008 - The Spirit World

Each month one of us will be writing an editorial article for Psychic Revelation. The views given are personal ones and do not necessarily represent the views of Psychic Revelation.

The spirit world is something we are often asked about. This month Myzt talks about what it is like from her perspective.

How to describe what I see? Oh dear this is a little difficult. How do you describe what breathing feels like? It would be about as easy. What and how I see varies.

To understand, first you must know that there are different kinds of spirits and spiritual beings. First there are shadows/ghosts, although I don't usually refer to them as such. Then there are regular spirits, people who have passed on. Next there are spiritual guides... beings on the other side that help guide others through life or spiritual happenings. And there are others.... darker and lighter things.... Disturbed spirits and angels, things of that sort. So far in my experience however, the latter are the least common. So that is whom I see.

So what do I see? Or how do I perceive them? Well there are a lot of different ways. The first and most common way I see them is to not see them at all but to see symbols that give me information or a message that they want to convey; like roses for love and things such as jewelry, hearts, fire, colors… stuff like that. Water - fire - earth - wind.

Then there are manifestations of spirits like looking at another person. I can be doing common everyday things and wham! Someone I don't know or have never seen before is there. In my shower. In my bathroom. Wherever I am. But they look different from living people and usually have blurry edges or auras. Imagine squinting at someone when you have just woken up... similar to that.

Then there is another way of "seeing" them. It's like thinking of a memory... in your head... way in the back... but... its like watching a movie, a clear screen set against the normal backdrop. Sort of like daydreaming. This is a very common way of seeing spirits.

But it is not always sight that is the way you perceive a spirit... you can also hear, smell, even feel a spirit at times. A sad spirit may wash you in its emotion.

Basically if it wants or needs to let you or someone else know something a spirit will communicate in whatever way it possibly can.

Another way I see them or get messages is through dreams. Dreams are a very powerful link between the spiritual and the regular planes of existence.....

So you wonder what it's like over there on the other side? Well, a lot of it is never revealed to someone living. However, occasionally little bits and pieces are revealed.....

Normally when I read for someone, a group of spirits will be there. Often the place they are in is somewhere familiar to them from life... like a river near their house, their room, a kitchen, a barn… something such as that. And other times the background is sort of a comforting misty place, gentle balmy breezes, different soothing sounds coming from afar.

At times the place is not revealed at all. There are some things that maybe humans cannot perceive just as spirits cannot perceive things they knew when alive. Spirits often do not have a clue about time, distance or space. It seems suspended where they are. A spirit does not always stay in one place or with one person, or very seldom. It seems almost instantaneous how they can go from one place to another thousands of miles away.

So what sort of thing do they tell me? The possibilities are endless. A lot of the time it is simply reassurance that they are ok to a loved one who is grieving for them or worried about them.

Yet at other times it is a message about a situation that is happening in a person's life now. They are usually very aware of things happening around their families… births, deaths, illnesses, grief, love, hate etc.

Spirits are still people. Just an evolved version so to speak. The different things that concerned them in life often carry on into the afterlife. However some people are very much reformed in their attitudes after death, having realized or learned something new in the process.

For those of you who have experienced this world, you will understand only too well how difficult it is to put into words. For those of you for whom this is unknown or new, I hope it helped give you an insight into the spiritual world around us.


~ Myzt September 2008