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Welcome To Psychic Revelation

Psychic (adj): Pertaining to forces or mental processes outside the possibilities defined by natural or scientific laws.

Revelation (noun): An uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen.

Welcome to Psychic Revelation.

Unbeatable prices for e-mail, online and telephone psychic readings as well as 50 different Tarot readings, specialty readings and spirit communication sessions. We now have over 1000 pages for you to browse through. Take a look around and enjoy your stay with us!


Tumbled Ruby In Zoisite   Tumbled Ruby   Tumbled Blue Aragonite   Tumbled Blue Celestite
Ruby In Zoisite   Ruby   Blue Aragonite   Blue Celestite


In over four years of selling crystals and stones this is the first time we have been able to get hold of tumbled ruby in zoisite, ruby, blue aragonite and blue celestite. They are rarein tumbled form and we may never have the opportunity again to offer these stones. Don't miss out!
Tarot eBook  

Our website tarot definitions have proven to be the most popular on the Internet and are consulted by literally thousands of people every day. The eBook version has been available for some time now and has also been extremely popular.

Due to demand we have now added reversed definitions to our web site and a new version of our eBook is avaialable that includes all the reversal definitions for those of you that use them.

Upright Only Version - Just $4.99

Upright & Reversed Version - Just $8.99


Enhanced Tarot Section:

We already have the best Tarot definitions available on the Internet but we have now added reversal definitions for not only the major arcana but the minor arcana as well. Check them out.

In addition there are 50 different spreads for you to try - many of these are Psychic Revelation originals you will not find anywhere else. All out tarot spreads are available as tarot readings.


Free Psychic Reading - Just Link To Us:

If you have your own blog, website, personal pages, or anything similar you can get a free psychic reading just by linking to us! More


Haunted Places Information Wanted:

We have uploaded our new haunted places section but we need your help to get more information. More