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Psychic Revelation News

Haunted Places Information Wanted: We will shortly be launching a haunted places section. If you know of a place that you think should be included please let us know. We need to know:

  • The Country
  • State/Province (USA & Canada only)
  • County (if applicable)
  • City/town (or nearest if applicable)
  • The venue itself
  • The paranormal activity reported

We are also very interested in any EVP recordings and photographs of both the place itself and any paranormal activity. PLEASE NOTE: The copyright of any photographs and/or EVP recordings must be owned by you. Do not send ones you find on the Internet. Please state on your e-mail that you grant Psychic Revelation reproduction permission. The copyright remains with you. You will be credited in the listing if you wish.

Although we are only covering the USA at present we do intend to extend our listings worldwide, so please submit any information you have for any country.

New & Rare Tumbled Crystals Now In Stock: Anyone who has bought our crystals will know that we specialize in high quality stones only. As well as high quality we pride ourselves in stocking some of the much harder to find stones. We now have Ruby and Ruby In Zoisite available. These are extremely hard to come by in any form let alone tumbled. We also have stilbite, sunstone, yellow obsidian, black moonstone, calcopyrite, pietersite and tektite as recent additions.

Web Site Design: Our regular visitors will have noticed that Psychic Revelation has a new look. apart from the cosmetic differences the navigation drop-down menu has been redesigned for greater efficiency and ease of use. There is no need to update any bookmarks as all pages have retained their original name.