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Testimonials - Charis

OD USA: 30 Minutes Online Psychic Reading: RIGHT ON THE BUTTON...great reading! ........THANKS AGAIN!

PS USA: 60 Minutes Telephone Psychic Reading: Charis is a very clear channel • Highly recommended <<

CM USA: 30 Minutes Telephone Psychic Reading: Always outstanding, perfect, amazing, wonderful, awesome............... :-) :-)

RS USA: 1 Question E-mail Tarot Reading: Caring, detailed, honest - don't hesitate to get a reading from this lovely lady.

LL USA: 60 Minutes Online Psychic Reading: Best reading I've ever had... and I've had a lot over the years!

TD USA: 30 Minutes Online Psychic Reading: I have been consulting Charis ever since she joined psychic revelation which must be about 4 years now. It never ceases to amaze me how right she is even when something she predicts seems so unlikely. I've tried many psychics over the years and most times they told me what I wanted to hear and not what i needed to hear. There's a huge difference. Try her for your self and see. You won't regret it.

BB New Zealand: No Question Limit E-mail Psychic Reading: I'd like to thank Charis for all the help and support she's given me during a very difficult time. I am pleased to be able to tell you that the better times she predicted are starting to come true. I can't wait for the rest!

LJ USA: 30 Minutes On Demand Online Psychic Reading: I can't tell you how pleased I am to have found Charis. She's up front and doesn't mince her words. She's always polite and helpful but I like the fact that I always get the truth even if it's something I didn't want to hear. Thankyou.

AR USA: Spirit Communication Online: I was absolutely floored at how quickly charis picked up on my son who had recently died in an accident. There was absolutely no doubt it was him. She was telling me things that only he would have known. It was a wonderful experience even through all the tears. Wonderful and thank you.

CH USA: 5 Question E-mail Psychic Reading: I have to admit I was a little skeptical at first but a friend persuaded me to go ahead and try anyway. Which I did and was I ever surprised. Right on the ball every time. I will be buying from Charis again.

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