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Psychic (adj): Pertaining to forces or mental processes outside the possibilities defined by natural or scientific laws.

Revelation (noun): An uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen.

Unbeatable prices for e-mail, online and telephone psychic readings as well as 50 different Tarot readings, specialty readings and spirit communication sessions. We now have over 1000 pages for you to browse through. Take a look around and enjoy your stay with us!


Details of anything that is new or updated on Psychic Revelation will be found here.

In addition if there is any possibility of a "service disruption" you will see an announcement here. Although severe weather will not affect our website it can affect our ability to communicate with you should you make a purchase.



We have decided to add a new page of "Thoughts and Notes" to each of our Tarot meanings pages as we are currently starting to update some of them. Although the meanings pages will still be fundamentally the same (there will be some new content too) we thought it might be useful to add some notes that will help you interpret more accurately.

This will happen over the next couple of months.



For those visitors who are not native English speakers we have added a Google page translator to each page of the website. It is not perfect but hopefully it will be of use when something is not clear as it will enable you to translate the page to your native language.



Psychic Revelation has a new sister site called Tarot Time! Tarot Time is more of a community website whereas Psychic Revelation is more of a reference website. Tarot Time will also include hints and tips as well as subtly different interpretations and definitions.

Why subtly different? Well, those of you who have been long term visitors here will know that Psychic Revelation's tarot card meanings were written by Charis. Tarot Time's were written by Talisman and we think the two sites compliment each other well as you now have two slightly different viewpoints to aid you in your tarot interpretations.



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