Glossary - E

Words and terms beginning with the letter E.

  • Earth Magick: A form of magic which involves drawing energy from Mother Earth and the element or elementals of earth for rituals.
    Elemental: A spirit formed of one of the elements. The four main elementals are salamanders (fire), sylphs (air), undines (water), and gnomes (earth).
    Elements: The 5 major elements in magic and nature. Earth, water, fire, air, and spirit.
    Elixir: A magically charged liquid which has to have a crystal sitting in it for a specific amount of time before it is ready to drink.
    Empathy: The identification with, understanding of, and vicarious experience of another person's situation, feelings, and motives often through psychic ability.
    Empowerment: An individual's assertion of personal power, energy, force, and strength in all fields.
    Enchantment: Spellcasting which generally involves spoken words of power. An enchantment can be put on something to gain control or authority over it.
    Equinox: Either of the two points at which the sun crosses the celestial equator, making day and night equal.
    Esbat: A gathering for ritual work, generally during the full or new moon.
    Essential Oil: A plant oil which is extracted through a complex process that generally yields very little making it costly to buy true essential oils. These are used often in rituals.
    Eucharist: A sacred meal. Originating in Mithraic tradition.
    Evoke: To call forces or beings from a lower level of existence than our own.
    Exorcise: To cast out unwanted influences or spirits.
    Exorcism: The casting out of unwanted influences.