Glossary - H

Words and terms beginning with the letter H.

  • Halloween: Halloween is a Christian and pagan holiday observed on the evening of 31st October.
    Hallows: Another name for the Sabbat Samhain.
    Handfasting: The Wiccan equivalent of a wedding ceremony (it is only legal if performed by a registered clergyman). Handfasting vows are meant to be renewed annually.
    Handparting: Similar to a seperation or divorce. Symbolically it is the cutting of the binds created by a handfasting.
    Hawk's Eye: Another name for blue tiger eye. A crystal or stone with metaphysical properties.
    Heliotrope: Another name for bloodstone. A crystal or stone with metaphysical properties.
    Heptagram: A seven-pointed star drawn with one unbroken line. Symbolic of the number seven. Important to the seven traditional astrological planets and to the seven chakras.
    Herb: A small plant often used for its reputed properties. Also used within spells.
    Hereditary Witch: A descendent from a line of witches who has learnt the Craft from a member of this descent.
    Hexagram: A geometric figure formed by two overlapping triangles. It is also called the Star of David. While it is sometimes used in modern magic to invoke or banish spirits, it is traditionally Jewish.
    High Magick: Ceremonial magic involving the actions of deities or spirits.
    High Priest: Male leader of a Coven.
    High Priestess: Female leader of a Coven.
    Horned God: Pagan father God often mistakenly associated with Satan.