Glossary - I

Words and terms beginning with the letter I.

  • I Ching: Ancient form of Chinese divination also known as "The Book Of Changes."
    Image: Altar piece representing God or Goddess which is usually a statue, but can be almost anything.
    Imbolc: One of the eight Sabbats in the Wiccan calendar.
    Incant: To chant.
    Initiate: Someone who has undergone the rite of entry into a coven or circle.
    Initiation: Admission ceremony for an intiate to gain entry into a coven or circle.
    Invocation: The bringing of a divine power into a ritual or magical working through chant or prayer. Generally an acknowledgement of the deity and a request that they be present for the working.
    Invoke: To request the attention (or presence) of forces or beings from a high level of existence than our own.
    Inward Silence: The silencing of emotions and thoughts that could disturb the effectiveness of meditation, a ritual or spell.