Glossary - M

Words and terms beginning with the letter M.

  • Mabon: The Welsh God who symbolizes the male fertilizing principle. Also one of the eight Sabbats in the Wiccan calendar and named after the Welsh God Mabon.
    Magick: The art and science of changing events around you by manipulating energy in nature, self, and the spirit world.
    Magickal Name: A name chosen by the dedicant or initiate to symbolise rebirth into their new path.
    Magister: Title sometimes used for the male leader of a Coven.
    Maiden: 1. The name given to one of the members of a coven, generally the assistant to the High Priestess. 2. One of the aspects of the triple goddess (maiden, mother, crone).
    Martinmas: One of the eight Sabbats in the Wiccan calendar. More commonly called Samhain.
    Meditation: Meditation is the practice of quieting of the mind or going within.
    Merry Meet: A greeting commonly used by wiccans and pagans.Bsically it means "greetings" and is often abbreviated as MM.
    Merry Part: A wiccan and pagan phrase that basically means "goodbye". Often abbreviated as MP.
    Michael: One of the seven Archangels.
    Mighty Ones: Entities or beings who have advanced beyond our plane of existence. Another name for the Old Ones.