Glossary - O

Words and terms beginning with the letter O.

  • Occult: Mysterious or hidden. Something beyond human understanding.
    Ogham: The magical Celtic alphabet made up of 20 letters (called fews), each representing a different type of tree or plant.
    Old Hallowmas: One of the eight sabbats in the Wiccan calendar. More commonly called Samhain.
    Old Ones: Entities or beings considered by witches to have advanced beyond our plane of existence. Another name for the Mighty Ones.
    Old Religion: This is a term often used for Wicca and witchcraft. It is somewhat misleading when used in relation to Wicca, which is a fairly young and modern religion based on witchcraft.
    Omen: Portent or sign.
    Oracle: Spoken prophecy; the name given to the speaker of the prophecy. Also a name used for several different card based divination tools.
    Oinomancy: Divination by studying wine and wine stains.
    Ostara: One of the eight Sabbats in the Wiccan calendar.