Glossary - S

Words and terms beginning with the letter S.

  • Sabbat: One of the eight holidays in the Wiccan calendar.
    Samhain: One of the eight holidays in the Wiccan calendar.
    Script: An alphabetic script. Examples include: Elder Futhark, Ogham, Theban and Younger Futhark.
    Scrying: A form of divination by gazing into something with a reflective surface.
    Scrying Mirror: A tool used for scrying. Often called a black mirror.
    Shadowfest: One of the eight sabbats in the Wiccan calendar. More commonly called Samhain.
    Shades: Spirits of the dead. Ghosts rather than beings on the next spiritual level.
    Shaman: One who uses spiritual techniques to enter into a trance state in which the practitioner travels to other places in order to gain information, divine, guide souls, or commune with the spirits.
    Showstone: A crystal sphere used for divination and scrying. Also called a crystal ball.
    Sigil: A magical seal or glyph.
    Skyclad: A term used by Wiccans and witches to describe ritual without clothes.
    So Mote it Be: A phrase used in rituals to close a chant or incantation. Literally "it must be so" or "so it shall be".
    Solar: Of or relating to the sun.
    Solitary Witch: A witch who practices alone instead of within a coven.
    Solstice: Either of two points at which the Sun is farthest from the Celestial Equator.
    Spell: The direction of energies towards a certain goal, generally using spoken words as well as spell "ingredients."
    Spellcrafting: The practice of creating spells by writing outline and authoring incantations.
    Spring Equinox: Solar Festival; approximately March 2. Also known as Ostara.
    Summer Solstice: Solar Festival. The longest day of the year, approximately June 21or 22. Also known as Litha.
    Sylph: The elemental of air.
    Symbol: A sign which represents something else. Symbols are used commonly in rituals to represent gods, elements, goals, and more. Many tools are symbols.