Glossary - W

Words and terms beginning with the letter W.

  • Wand: A magical tool resembling a rod which is used by a witch to direct energy towards a goal.
    Waning: The lunar phase when the moon is getting "smaller" or more crescent-like. This is the time when magic that involves banishing things, breaking habits, and getting rid of things is to be performed. Opposite of waxing.
    Watchtowers: Derived from a witch's ceremonial magic the four watchtowers each represent a cardinal direction, element, elemental, and a color.
    Waxing: The lunar phase when the moon is getting larger or nearing the full moon. This is the time when magic that involves growth and bringing things to you is best performed. Opposite of waning.
    Wheel: The eight festivals of the year - the sabbats.
    Wheel Of The Year: One full cycle of the seasons beginning at samhain as opposed to January.
    Wicca: A neo-pagan form of witchcraft involving the belief in the goddess (and sometimes god).
    Wiccan: A person who follows or practices wicca. Something related to wicca.
    Wiccan Rede: Effectively the "laws" of wicca.
    Widdershins: Counter clockwise. The opposite of deosil.
    Winter Solstice: One of the eight sabbats in the wiccan calendar. Usually occurs on December 21st.
    Wita: The Scottish form of wicca.
    Witch: A practitioner of witchcraft. A follower of the "Old Religion."
    Witch Ball: A glass sphere hung in windows to ward off evil spirits. This is an 18th century tradition and is probably where the concept of Christmas tree ornaments originated.
    Witchcraft: The practice of performing spells and magic.
    Witta: The Irish form of wicca.
  • Wizard: A name for male ceremonial magicians. This term is rarely used for Wiccans unless they are eclectic and use ceremonial magic as well.
  • Wort: An archaic name for a herb.