About Psychic Revelation


Our Mission Statement:

  1. To make a difference.
  2. To value each and every visitor to our web site.
  3. To provide a service that is second to none.
  4. To respect our clients privacy and be non-judgmental on their issues.
  5. To provide value for money to our clients.
  6. To become the largest metaphysical web site on the Internet.

Hi, I'm Talisman and Psychic Revelation was started by me. It is now family owned and operated. It started life in November 2002 and came about in rather a strange way. At that time I was very into web design and intended to start my own design business. I had actually logged on to the Internet to register a design related domain. At that moment I received one of the strongest messages I have ever had from "spirit". So... instead of a web design site Psychic Revelation was born.

At the time it didn't make a lot of sense to me. Sure, I enjoyed reading for others and I had a healthy interest in the metaphysical. But I certainly had never intended anything more than that. Within the first year it all became clear. Someone came to Psychic Revelation and bought a reading. That someone is now my wife. There is a reason for everything as the saying goes.

Since those early days Psychic Revelation has grown considerably but still fell far short of the vision I had for it until now . By the time you read this it will have been totally redesigned and will have tripled in size. Even so, I doubt I will consider it finished. I have the feeling it will be a lifelong labor.

I have a strong vision of the future where Psychic Revelation is concerned and hopefully, once you have taken a look around all that we have to offer here, you will make it part of your future too and come back to visit us regularly.