Meet Psychic Revelation Staff - Charis


I Am Charis

Joined Psychic Revelation: 2003.

Nationality: American.

Age: 55ish!

Role: Psychic reader, medium, reiki healer, astrologer.

Gifts Used: Clairaudience, clairvoyance, mediumship.

Tools Used: Tarot | Lenormand | Egyptian Oracle.

Specialties: Love readings, relationship readings, general readings, astrological compatibility.

Interests: Anything spiritual or metaphysical, travel, reading, crafting, animals and music.

About Me: I have been with Psychic Revelation for over 20 years now and I am still excited about working in an environment where the emphasis is on value for money not money itself.

In that time I have literally done thousands and thousands of readings whether they be phone, email, or chat.

I consider reading for others a privilege and I look forward to working with you.


Latest Testimonials:

LR USA: 12 Month Ahead Tarot Reading

I can't tell you how much on the money you are! I am a bit of a skeptic by nature, though I am an optimist. I looked at your reading and attempted to see if any of it would fit into the past few years, applying then too. It would not. Then I tried to see if this could be applied to other people too, therefore being generalized. It could not. All this further strengthened my faith in your reading. This is the first time in many years, I am taking an active role in changing my life. This was a fairly recent decision. Only about a week or two ago. Thank you for giving me faith and so much to look forward to. I will surely recommend you to anyone who may even have a remote interest in a reading. Thank you to no end.

I've Never Been So Impressed! Highly Accurate, Highly Recommended! TYTY :-)


MM USA: 30 Minutes Telephone Reading

WOW! Charis is amazing! I was skeptical as her prices are so affordable...but this is not a case of you get what you pay for. This is a big bang for your buck! Here, you get a what I consider one of the best readings I've ever had.


TS USA: 60 Minutes Spirit Communication Telephone ~ 15 Minutes Telephone Reading

Charis, I really want to thank you!!!  Being new to tarot and readings it's so nice to have the opportunity to work with you.  It’s only been a few months and am truly amazed. There have been quite a few things that we spoke of that have come to pass and instantly I hear your sweet voice as I smile.  Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and your personable approach.  I see and feel the wonderful things that lie ahead of me and your words have helped get me there.  Thanks again and I recommend anyone to working with you.  I look forward to speaking with you soon ~    


MW: 3Q E-mail Psychic Readings

Dear Charis, I just want to say i love your energy and your attitude and respect that even though your connecting to the highest universal energies and you did your part greatly for me. Thanks for your lovely time. 


DB USA: X Lover E-mail Tarot Reading

I want to recommend Charis to everyone that I know, and everyone that I don't know! First of all, let me begin by saying that I have been working with her for years now. Her predictions are spot on, and her compassion is as incredible as her accuracy. She is able to give insight on short term as well as long term matters, and has even been known to pull up information for me that I didn't' even ask.

As far as exactly how she has helped me (and continue to helps me), I am somewhere in my life right now that I know I could never be without her help. She has been kind, compassionate, and a joy to work with. I know that there are many untrustworthy people out there who claim to be psychic, clairvoyant, and who will promise you things and not deliver. Or they'll tell you the things that they think you want to hear. Charis is honest in the kindest ways possible. She tells things like they are, and she understands that sometimes life just isnt fair. She levels with you, puts herself in your shoes, and explains things to you in way that you are able to understand. Sometimes you need those blunt answers, yes, but you also need a hug right afterwards. Charis is known to tell me the truth, but then say how unfair it is right afterwards, if it happens to be bad! She also gives me those kinds of "choose your own adventure" type scenerios and lets me know what will happen if I do certain things and choose certain paths. She assures me that my life is not written in stone, and that what she says is only a guide, and she is only there to help --- and HELP is exactly what she does.

I have worked with many "psychics" and wished that I hadn't, for various reasons. Charis is the first person that I have worked with that I can really trust - and I am living proof that her assistance DOES WORK! If you noticed, I said that I worked *with* her, as she doesn't work "for" you -- she is a friend who will work with you to get you where you need to be, and that is priceless, and so rare to find. I absolutely recommend her to people who are new to the psychic realm, as well as those who are experienced or even skeptical. She will work *with* you and make you feel comfortable, important, and above all, she will treat you and be there for you as a great friend. I can't thank her enough for all of her help.

I didn't even know that there was a "place" on her webpage for a testimonial and I asked her myself if there was - because she deserves to be acknowledged for the wonderful person and psychic that she is - and for the person who she is helping me to become. Please, if you are considering a psychic reading or are interested in the psychic realm, please give Charis a chance. She is one in a million, and you definitely crossed her path for a reason. I know that I did, because I would never be who I am or where I am without her help, patience, and unconditional care. Thank you so much for everything that you do for me and everyone around you, Charis. Thank you for being you. With so much love and respect and support - DB.


MP USA: 60 Minutes Telephone Reading

I am writing this testimonial about Charis. She is truly the real thing. She is an extremely gifted psychic reader and medium. I have been a client of Charis for more than 2 years now. Her predictions are right on target and they have always come true. Charis does short term psychic predictions and long term psychic predictions; sometimes her predictions may take a while but you will see the final results. She has also helped me to deal with my grandmother passing and the recent passing of my dog. She is empathic and she does not tell you what you want to hear but what her sprit guides are showing her. She always wants the best for all of her clients and she is very, very patience. She is a wonderful person and loyal friend. I will continue to go to her for advice and guidance. I truly don’t know what I would do without her; she is truly a blessing to me in my life. I highly recommend her.


CM USA: 3Q Enhanced E-mail Psychic Readings

I want to tell you that Charis is absolutely awesome. Though always honest, whether the news is good or bad, she always delivers the bad news in a very gently, loving way and with a spiritual pesspective. But that's not all...if all I was looking for was gentle, loving "opinions" and support, I would talk to my girlfriends. But Charis offers more than that. She is truly psychically giifted. I have been working with her for over a year now, and she frequently "hit on" certain things in my readings that she would have had no way of knowing. (and gives me chills when she does that.) Her accuracy on predictions is impressive (it looks like one prediction that she gave me recently concerning a new job is in the process of coming true. I am waiting for it to reach fruition before giving her the good news.) But more than that, Charis has become a trusted friend, ally, and advisor, and I love her very much.


EG USA: 1Q Enhanced E-mail Psychic Reading

Charis is not only a great reader shes a great friend as well. I can't tell you how kind she truly is. I have purchased so many readings from her in the past 5 to 6 months. She was able to tell me when my husband and I would concieve a baby and each time she has been right. I have had many readings, but she is by far the best I've ever had. She was also very kind to my situation after a previous miscarriage. She knows I appreciate her energy and time. Thanks so much for all your love and support.


AC USA: 120 Minutes Online Psychic Reading & 60 Minutes Telephone Spirit Communication

She is excellent. I would use again and recommend her to others. She rocks! You really made my day you did. I am so grateful for that. I would recommend you to others even if just for a reading . YOU'RE THE GREATEST GOD BLESS YOU. I will keep you up to date and let you know what happens with the job lololol or if my son helps me find things. You're the best. Take care.


CT Australia: 60 Minutes Online Psychic Reading

Great reading. Very accurate understanding and supportive. I highly recommend A+++