Astrology Relationship Chart

Astrology Relationship Chart
Item: Astrology Lovers Relationship Chart

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Description: This astrological compatibility (synastry) report is designed solely for people in a partnership or contemplating a partnership. It is sent by e-mail as a PDF attachment. Our relatinship chart usually averages about 30 pages - sometimes a few less, sometimes a few more. The relationship chart is unique in that the horoscopes for both partners are individually analyzed, so that the analysis can be read by either partner with equal benefit. It is a quite extraordinarily complex report, but easy to understand, which identifies and analyses the many hidden factors which make relationships work.

The astrology compatibility (synastry) reports we offer can help you understand how you relate to your partner... whether the partner is someone you've only just met or the person you've been married to for years. The chart is equally applicable to gay relationships.

The stars do not COMPEL but they can definitely give you guidance as to where you are, what you need, and what the issues might be between you and a potential (or current) partner.

  • How do you relate to the person of your dreams?
  • Will you get along romantically?
  • How about in the bedroom?
  • Can you live with this person?
  • Can you work with him or her?
  • Will there be any unforeseen points of conflict?
  • Is he or she the person you think they are?
  • Will it be a mistake?
  • What do the stars show for you and your partner?

An example of this astrology chart can be seen by clicking here.


Client Testimonial: RM - USA

My chin is STILL on the floor!! Unbelievable Reading, Everything is SO TRUE!

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Q: What happens after I have bought my astrology relationship chart?

A: You will be contacted by e-mail to ascertain whether the chart is for you or for someone else and for the details needed. You will also be given an e-mail address. Please add the e-mail address to your safelist as spam filters can cause a lot of problems. Turnaround time is usually within 24 hours of receipt of the information requested and very often much faster. Your chart will be sent to you by e-mail as a PDF attachment.