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Crystals and stones have been popular since the dawn of mankind. Over the centuries they have been attributed with many metaphysical/spiritual and even supernatural powers. Nowadays crystals are a must for anyone interested in metaphysics. Tumbled stones are the most popular - they are easy and pleasing to handle and tumbling brings out their natural beauty.

We first added crystals and stones to Psychic Revelation purely and simply because we were so disappointed with the ones we received from other online sources - tiny chips and slivers! Well, you won't find those here. We try to standardize on a size of 1" and where this isn't possible we have the largest and closest we can get to that size. Some of our crystals and stones are even bigger. We would rather you had more for your money than less.

At present we are only specializing in tumbled stones as these are by far the most popular. We are considering, however, adding some natural stones as not all stones are available in tumbled form. Some are just too fragile to be tumbled and some (such as gem stones - with one or two exceptions) you just don't get in a size that can be tumbled.

Our current top 10 most popular stones are:


Leopardskin Jasper
Tree Agate
Rose Quartz
Dalmatian Jasper
Pink Calcite
Our tumbled stones are high quality and a very good size. Click here to see our complete selection.