Stuck E-mail Tarot Reading

Stuck Tarot Reading
Item: Stuck E-mail Tarot Reading

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About This Reading: This is a sixteen card Tarot spread that looks at all the main aspects of life and is particularly suitable for anyone who feels they are "stuck in a rut". The spread examines the state of each main area and considers whether anything can be done to improve the situation. Your reading considers the following:


  1. Current overall state of your life.
  2. Current state: Family.
  3. Current state: Friends.
  4. Current state: Love.
  5. Current state: Money.
  6. Current state: Work/Career.
  7. Current state: Location.
  8. Current state: Spirituality.
  9. What can be done to help improve: Family relationships.
  10. What can be done to help improve: Friendships.
  11. What can be done to help improve: Love.
  12. What can be done to help improve: Money.
  13. What can be done to help improve: Work/Career.
  14. What can be done to help improve: Location.
  15. What can be done to help improve: Spirituality.
  16. The outcome if any recommended changes are made.


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