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Besoms: Generally speaking our besoms are available to US clients only. The reason being that we use purpose-grown broomcorn to make our besoms. Because it is a natural untampered-with product the seeds are still present and are deemed viable by many countries. As such importation is often prohibited unless the broomcorn is irradiated.

There is the possibility that not every country which prohibits live seed importation will offer an irradiation service. Please make sure that your country does so before ordering. If acceptance is refused by your customs service the besom will be returned to us. Once returned we will refund the cost of your purchase less shipping expenses.

If your country offers an irradiation service and you are prepared to pay for the irradiation process then please go ahead and order by all means. The cost will vary from country to country (Australia for example is about $50 extra).

If we receive an order from an international destination we will contact you to make sure you are aware that extra cost at your end may well be involved. If you are happy with that then we will go ahead and make your besom and ship it to you. If you are not happy or were unaware of the extra cost we will refund your money in full.