The "Miscellaneous" section is where we file everything else that doesn't fit into our regular categories. At present the sub-sections consist of metaphysical related free fonts, some inspirational reading and some of our favorite quotes.


Free Fonts:

Here you will find a few free fonts. Obviously we are not a font website and have no desire to be, but there are a few hard to find fonts that are related to subjects we cover. At present we have a Futhark font and a Theban font (witch's script) as well as several astrological fonts.


Inspirational Reading:

Life can get pretty overwhelming at times and as a result we could all do with the occasional inspiring thought. Here we have a selection of well-known and not so well-known inspirational texts.



We doubt there is anyone anywhere that has not quoted a well-known saying at some time in their life. Here are some of the better quotations relating to adversity, age, dreams, faith, fear, friendship, happiness, health, inspiration, life and death, love, morality, motivation, philosphy, and wisdom.