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Free Psychic Chat Room Free Reading Eligibility

To qualify for a free 1 question psychic reading:
  • You must be 18 years of age or older.
  • You must be a legal adult in your location. If this is 21 then you will need to be 21 and not 18.
  • You agree to receive our free newsletter.
  • You must not have had more than one free psychic reading at Psychic Revelation within the current month.
  • All Chat Room terms of use must be followed.

Querents are entitled to two free psychic one question mini-readings per calendar month. Unused psychic readings will not be carried forward. Mini-readings will take place on a first come, first served basis during the allotted scheduled time for free readings.

You will be asked to supply the e-mail address you gave when joining our chat room, and in addition your date of birth and first name. This is required to prevent abuse of the free psychic mini-reading system. Please do not abuse this free service by attempting to use multiple names/addresses as this will result in permanent loss of free reading privileges.

The free spirit communication sessions are slightly different. The reading is by invitation only. In other words if the psychic has someone in spirit they will ask an open question to the chat room audience such as "Does the name Steven mean anything to anyone?" If you think the communication may be for you then please type "That may be for me" or similar into the chat. It is not unusual for more than one person to respond, after all some names are more common than others. If this is the case the psychic will try to narrow it down by asking further questions. Please note that if a communication is for you this counts as one of your free readings.

All free psychic readings will take place within the chat room, not in private chat. The free one question psychic readings are intended to last about 5 minutes. They are not meant to be a substitute for an in-depth private consultation. You are free to interact with the psychic reader during your reading and ask clarifying questions if you wish, but when the allotted time for your question is up the reading will end.

All free psychic readings are subject to reader availability. Scheduled sessions may be canceled or cut short without prior notice by Psychic Revelation if necessary. As we offer the best value for money prices on the Internet, our psychic readers are always in demand.