Astral Travel Techniques

In order to experience astral projection or travel you will need a very quiet, warm, comfortable place where you will not be disturbed by anyone or anything. It's a good idea to eat only lightly (preferably not at all) before experimenting and to wrap yourself in a blanket. The blanket is not vital but it's certainly a good idea as your body will cool down as its processes slow down.

It's also a good idea to limit yourself to a certain length of time for your projection. Any way that suits you is fine and a couple of common techniques are to use a piece of music or to set an alarm clock. It's a good idea to avoid a traditional alarm clock as this can be quite a shock to your system! A better idea is one of the modern clock radio alarms that you can set to go off (quietly!) after a set time. Whichever method you choose when you begin your journey make a mental note to yourself that when the music stops or begins (depending on which timing technique you chose) then that is your cue to return.

Despite all the stories about people being unable to return to their bodies there is generally no need to worry. The physical is your normal plane of existence so it is unlikely that you'll ahve a problem. If you find yourself disturbed by someone or something during your wanderings you may well experience a very sudden return to the physical plane. that can feel a little uncomfortable to start with and often leads to a headache.

Here are four commonly used techniques to initiate astral projection. It is a very good idea to limit yourself to exploring your immediate location when you are a beginner. Don't be too adventurous until you get the hang of it. Slow and easy is best.

Method 1. Imagine yourself levitating. In the same way that you relax your body for meditation imagine your body getting lighter and lighter and then try to see your body lying comfortably from above. Visualize the astral leaving the physical body. Explore the room you are in.

Method 2. Use a large mirror to view yourself and your surroundings. Then mentally visualize what you've just seen with your physical eyes especially your face. At this point transfer your point of view to the mirro as if you were seeing yourself from that location. With your eyes closed try to see the room from different angles.

Method 3. Close your eyes and visualize yourself. Try to see yourself through those visualized eyes. Look around room and then begin walking around it examining everything you come across.

Method 4. Sit or lie comfortably and relaxed. Close your eyes and concentrate on your slow, rhythmic breath (same technique as for meditation). Slow your breath down while you imagine you are walking (where doesn't matter). Visualize a gateway ahead and a figure standing on other side. Become the figure on other side. Slowly get used to the new body - remember... slow and easy.

When you are ready to return to your body, stand behind your head and visualize reabsorbing your astral energy back into your physical body. At first you may have difficulty accomplishing anything. It's not easy but it does become much easier (both leaving and returning) with practice.