Interpreting Auras

Interpreting aura colors is relatively straightforward. It only really becomes difficult if there is a complex combination of colors. Below you will find some guidelines for the meaning of an individual color.

Black: A black aura can an indicate negativity, hatred, depression and misery. It can also indicate ignorance.

Blue: Blue is a very spiritual color. A dull blue may indicate taking life for granted, being too complacent. A very vibrant blue can indicate adoration and dedication to a person, belief, or course of action.

Brown: A brown aura can indicate deception, confusion or discouragement.

Green: Green is very much related to healing. Lighter green may indicate the potential for healing energy. Darker shades may indicate an injury has already taken place, and is already healing. Green also indicates versatility and an active mind.

Grey: Grey often indicates depression or gloom. Sadness.

Indigo: Can indicate strong psychic tendencies. Is also the color of the seeker or someone who aspires to a higher level. It can also can indicate benevolence.

Khaki: This is a dirty brown/green and can indicate infection.

Orange: Indicates ambition, confidence, pride, self-sufficiency. An orange aura can indicate a healthy and vital person. Dull orange can indicate a lack of warmth, but a strong desire for success and popularity.

Pink: Pink is a sign of affection, love, enjoyment, and/or a resilient temperament.

Purple: Indicates high spiritual sensitivity, self-esteem, and high ideals. People with medium-darker shades of purple are said to be teachers in a spiritual sense and are patient and kind.

Red: A red aura can indicate fear, anxiety or anger. Dull red, in particular, represents anger. Red can also indicate a violent nature. People with a lot of red in their aura tend to be physically strong.

Violet: This has been called the color of enlightenment. It also indicates love.

White: A white aura indicates purity and/or protection. Assists with all weaknesses.

Yellow: Yellow can indicate success, creativeness, intelligence, wisdom. A dull yellow can indicate jealousy and/or selfishness.