Seeing Auras

So just how do you see an aura? Experts suggest that when trying to learn to see auras that you first start with non-living objects. An aura is an energy or vibratory field, and physics tells us that everything in the universe vibrates. So you might begin by relaxing and allowing yourself to focus on an object such as a book or a familiar object in the room. The following are some helpful hints as you are learning to see auras.
  1. Start with an inanimate object. Make sure that you are relaxed and grounded.
  2. Don't strain or try too hard. In order to see an aura, you must almost un-focus your mind. This type of vision uses a different part of the brain than what you are used to using. Working too hard will keep you from being able to function.
  3. Trust yourself, and trust the process. Learning to do this will not happen instantly. Like anything else, this skill comes easier to some people than others. Don’t give up.
  4. Some people have compared this process to looking through something rather than looking at something.
  5. Daylight is often best as you are learning, because the sun's rays are full spectrum. Auras are also easier to see if your subject is in front of a white wall.
  6. Once you have been able to see the energy field around an inanimate object, you might try working up through examining the aura around plants or animals, before moving on to humans. You also may try examining (and manipulating) your own aura before working on seeing someone else’s.
  7. Be aware that the colors surrounding the subject (clothing, items in the room, etc.) can affect the aura. Use your intuition as to what, if any parts of what you see are related to surroundings rather than to energy emanating from your subject.
  8. Look for the etheric energy around a living thing - the band of energy that surrounds it closely. The aura is the next strata after that and is much larger. It won't necessarily be a solid color. Again, trust yourself.
  9. You may only see the aura for a few seconds, then it may disappear. You may also see more than one color (in a single person's aura.) This just means that there are several major influences at work in the person’s electromagnetic or spiritual body.
  10. Your own energy can get in the way of being able to see an aura. Make sure that you are clear, emotionally up-beat, and ready for the process.

Develop your own way of working with auras. Use these guidelines and consult books, etc. only as a starting point. Your impressions and instincts are important. Use them.

As you begin to study auras, you will notice that there can be tremendous variation in them. Ask yourself - are the colors bright or dingy? Do they intermingle, or are there clear separations between them? Is the aura moving? Are there holes or spikes in the aura? The impressions that you get from these and other aspects of the energy field all affect the way that you should interpret it.

Sometimes you may see a black aura around someone. This is not necessarily to be interpreted as evil or menacing - or of impending doom. Remember to be responsible, it is NEVER appropriate to predict someone’s death. The future is not cast in stone.