Bind Runes

Bind runes, very simply, are two or more (Futhark) rune symbols joined together to form a powerful magical sigil. These runes are ideally suited for use as talismans or for spellwork. The possible combinations are almost limitless.

Probably the most popular bind rune design in Viking times was the simple cross shape, which had a rune at each of the four points of the cross. This particular design is ideal as the points of the cross can equate to compass points meaning that bindrunes can be designed to take into account the elements and directions that feature so strongly in magic.

Another very popular design was the eight spoked wheel. Runes were written not only at the end of each spoke, but also along the spoke. Again the elements and directions can be used if desired.

A selection of bindrunes featuring both cross and wheel configurations is shown below:


Good Luck Bind Rune
Healing Bind Rune
Inspiration Bind Rune
Irresistibility Bind Rune
Good Luck
Love Bind Rune
Perseverance Bind Rune
Prosperity Bind Rune
Protection Bind Rune
Protection Against Anger Bind Rune
Safe Journey Bind Rune
Wealth & Security Bind Rune
Wisdom Bind Rune
Protection Against Anger
Safe Journey
Wealth & Security
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