Celtic Astrology

Celtic astrology is based on the lunar cycle and hence the year is divided into thirteen months and not the usual twelve that we are more familiar with. Each month was associated with a tree that was sacred to the Druids. Each also had a corresponding letter of the Ogham alphabet, a guardian animal and a Celtic god.

The Birch: 24th December - 20th January.

Birch people are ambitious, determined, and resilient. They make good leaders, organizers and strategists. Setbacks do not deter them for they believe that all is possible through hard work and patience. They are somewhat reserved when it comes to showing affection, but are very loyal.

The Rowan: 21st January - 17th February.

Rowan people are idealistic and progressive thinkers. They have strong humanitarian and spiritual convictions. They are not afraid of change and in fact, thrive on it. Prone to being impatient with conventional or restrictive principles. They are artistic and original. They can appear to be somewhat aloof or detached.

The Ash: 18th February - 17th March.

Ash people are very quick witted, gregarious and spontaneous. They have a natural and lively curiosity and are intellgent. They are persuasive speakers, naturally enthusiastic and have good communication skills. They are very enthusiastic about discussing new ideas and projects.

The Alder: 18th March - 14th April.

Alder people are very courageous and energetic. They can be impetuous at times but are always determinded to make their own way in the world. They are self-reliant and adventurous. They love taking risks and are tenacious workers. They inspire loyalty in others and are affectionate and charming,

The Willow: 15th April - 12th May.

Willow people are strong willed and resourceful. They can be very emotional and at times distinctly enigmatic. They are quick witted and can be prone to sudden mood swings.

The Hawthorn: 13th May - 9th June.

Hawthorn people are gifted performers and exude a natural charm. They are confident individuals who are creative and innovative. They love mental stimulation and challenge and become easily bored if this is missing.

The Oak: 10th June - 7th July.

Oak people tend to be serious minded but are nearly always cheerful and optimistic. They are determined and do not give up easily. They are natural leaders and always remain calm in a crisis. They are determined, self-motivated, enthusiastic and take responsibilty for their actions.

The Holly: 8th July - 4th August.

Holly people are supportive and protective within relationships but can be possessive at times. They have a practical nature and are capable and steadfast when faced with adversity. They tend to be cautious although they have a good head for business and prefer to assist rather than lead.

The Hazel: 5th August - 1st September.

Hazel people are artistic and have lively, analytical minds. They make inspiring, imaginative teachers. They are radical and idealistic thinkers.

The Vine: 2nd September - 29th September.

Vine people set high personal standards. They are discriminating and authoritative and as a result can appear cool and detached. They are however, secret romantics and can be sensitive, vulnerable and self critical. They have an eye for detail and refined aesthetic taste.

The Ivy: 30th September - 27th October.

Although they can often be indecisive, ivy people are not weak and will tackle difficult tasks with an infectious optimism. They are sociable and good natured and win friends easily. They dislike offending others.

The Reed: 28th October - 24th November.

Reed people are very complex individuals. They are tenacious and fearless. They have great strength of character and are not prone to compromise their beliefs just to placate others. They are very independent and proud.

The Elder: 25th November - 23rd December.

Elder people are very self-sufficient. They thrive on change and need constant mental and physical challenge. They will not be pressured by others and dislike routine of any kind. They tend to be restless and highly energetic with phenomanal stamina when it comes to getting the job done.