Balancing Chakras

Even though your chakras may be cleansed and shining brightly there is still the possibility of imbalance. One too strong, another too weak. A good way to balance out the chakras is to use crystals and meditation in combination. If when you visualize your chakras some appear dull (even though cleansed) and some excessively bright then you would benefit from balancing them.

To do this select the crystals necessary for strengthening (or weakening) the relevant chakra (see list below). Lie down and place the crystal on each chakra deemed necessary. Breathe in and imagine your breath moving throughout your entire body and exiting through the soles of your feet, picking up the energies of the crystal(s) along the way. Some people find it helpful to make an affirmation for a particular chakras such as "I will give and receive unconditional love" for the heart chakra

The First Chakra (Root Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Garnet, ruby, bloodstone, red jasper or agate.
Gemstones to weaken: Smoky quartz, black tourmaline, onyx or green stones.

The Second Chakra (Navel Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Carnelian, orange coral, orange calcite, orange agate or jasper.
Gemstones to weaken: Sodalite, blue lace agate, blue fluorite.

The Third Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra):
Gemstones: Gemstones to strengthen: Citrine, golden topaz, amber, sunstone, golden beryl.
Gemstones to weaken: Amethyst, light purple fluorite.

The Fourth Chakra (Heart Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Malachite, aventurine, jade, watermelon or green tourmaline.
Gemstones to weaken: Rose quartz, pink tourmaline, rhodocrosite.

The Fifth Chakra (Throat Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Turquoise, blue lace agate, aquamarine, celestite, blue topaz, lapis lazuli.
Gemstones to weaken: Carnelian, orange coral, orange agate or jasper.

The Sixth Chakra (Third Eye Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Azurite, lapis lazuli, moonstone, star sapphire, blue sapphire.
Gemstones to weaken: Yellow-orange citrine, yellowish tiger eye.

The Seventh Chakra (Crown Chakra):
Gemstones to strengthen: Amethyst, purple fluorite, sugalite, quartz.
Gemstones to weaken: Light citrine, golden topaz, light amber.