Chirognomy is an offshoot of palmistry. Palmistry is effectively the generic term for any study of the hand. Chirognomy is a very distinct discipline in so much that it looks at the shape of the hands, fingers, and fingernails. It also considers the texture of the skin. Although perhaps not overly useful on its own many palmists will use chirognomy to gain extra insight into an individual when doing a reading.


The Fire Hand: The fire hand has short fingers and a relatively long palm. Most people with this shape of hand would be considered extroverts as they are very outgoing as individuals. As a whole they can be somewhat controlling where others are concerned and they tend to be emotional and excitable.

The Earth Hand: Earth hands have rather square palms and short fingers. As a group they are somewhat resistant to change - they are just not comfortable with it. They are, however, emotionally very stable and are excellent workers. They often prefer outdoor jobs and job security is very important to them.

The Air Hand: people with air hands have square palms and long fingers. They are nearly always very good communicators and are good at anything that involves speaking or writing. They tend to be very cheerful and friendly particularly in the workplace. They are easily bored however and need constant stimulation to perform at their best.

The Water Hand: This type of hand has a rectangular palm with long fingers. This hand is often found amongst artistic people especially musicians. They also do well in any beauty or fashion related industry. They are very emotional as a whole. In fact this hand type more than any other will let their heart rule their head.

The Index Finger: People with a long index finger are very confident and sure of their own ability. They like to be in charge and will always be chasing promotion within their chosen field. As a whole they do well at whatever they're doing and can certainly be relied upon to cope with a crisis. The reverse tends to be true for those with short index fingers. They are not so outgoing and tend to be shy and full of self-doubt.

The Middle Finger: People with short middle fingers are very often careless and tend to be somewhat lazy. Those with long middle fingers tend to take life seriously and will work hard as they are very keen to get ahead. Most people are actually somewhere in the middle as the finger is "middle-sized" rather than long or short.

The Ring Finger: People with long ring fingers are usually very creative and will do well in any artistic or fashion related field. Short ring fingers are extremely rare.

The Little Finger: A long little finger is usually the hallmark of an intelligent person, someone with a high IQ. They are good communicators and do well in any related field. They also tend to have a very strong libido. Those with a short little finger are usually emotionally immature.

The Thumb: Basically the more ordinary the thumb the more ordinary the person. The top of the thumb indicates willpower and the bottom logic. Together they are a good indicator of just how hard someone will push to get what they want. A small thumb indicates a gentle nature whereas a long thumb indicates a much more forceful personality that is more likely to succeed. A long and narrow thumb indicates someone who wants to succeed but doesn't necessarily have the drive to do so. Small broad thumbs indicate a lack of determination.

Conic Finger Tips: People with this shape of fingertip are usually very flexible and open to compromise when necessary. As such they make very good negotiators. To be happy they need emotional security.

Pointed Finger Tips: Pointed finger tips are usually a sign of a somewhat sensitive and fragile personality. Artists, authors, poets and writers often have this shape of finger tip.

Spatulate Finger Tips: Those with spatulate shaped finger tips are the most dynamic of all both physically and mentally. Inventors and pioneers often have this shape of tip.

Square Finger Tips: People with this shape of tip are usually slow and methodical with everything they do. The tortoise rather than the hare. They tend to be very rational and be lacking in the field of creativity.

Almond Shaped Fingernails: This type of fingernail is indicative of someone who is gentle and kind.

Broad Shaped Fingernails: Broad fingernails indicate a very strong personality. It can indicate someone who is short-tempered.

Fan Shaped Fingernails: This shape can indicate long term stress.

Horizontally Ridged Fingernails: This shape can be the result of dietary deficiencies.

Narrow Fingernails: People with this shape are often cold and selfish.

Pale Colored Fingernails: This color of fingernail can indicate an iron deficiency.

Red Colored Fingernails: People with this color of fingernail are often impatient particularly with others.

Square Shaped Fingernails: This shape usually indicates someone who is very easy going and not prone to losing their temper.

Vertically Ridged Fingernails: This is thought to indicate rheumatic or arthritic problems.

Hair On The Hands: Most people will have very little hair on their hands. It is much more likely to be found on men rather than women. hair can be indicative of physical strength and if very hairy, a high sex drive.

Skin Texture: A soft and delicate texture often indicates a refined and sensitive person. Thick skinned people are usually stubborn and may well come across as insensitive. Thin skinned people are the opposite and are often overly sensitive. A satin-like skin often indicates an artistic nature.

Hand Size: People with large hands are usually very capable and will often set themselves multiple goals, particularly short term ones and often several goals at once. As a whole they are friendly and sociable. People with small hands have a strong desire to achieve and they too will set themselves goals but these are much more likely to be long term. They can also be a little egotistic. Those with average sized hands tend to be well balanced and have good judgment. They are very practical and common sense is a strong point.