When people talk about having their palm read what they are actually referring to is chiromancy (sometimes spelled as cheiromancy). Although the finger and palm prints on a person's hand will remain unchanged throughout life (unless subject to deep trauma) the creases do not. And it is the study of these creases that concerns us with chiromancy. Although chiromancy does not "predict" in the same way that Tarot does it does give a valuable insight into the present and any prevalent trends. hence it will allow you to make changes now that will affect your future.

It is best to take a set of inked impressions of the hands as this will show up far more detail than is available to the naked eye. Printer's ink will give the best quality. You will need a very smooth flat surface (polished brass is ideal). Squeeze a small amount out for each palm and use a rubber roller to gradually spread it until it becomes hand-sized. The final color should be a flat grey, not black. If it appears black and shiny you have used too much ink. Place a piece of kitchen paper on the inked surfaces and run the roller over it as this will remove the excess. Be sure to follow the manufacturer's instructions for removal of the ink afterwards. Water soluble ink can be used if you prefer - the quality is not quite as good but it will suffice.

Both palms should be examined in a reading. Your active hand (the one you write with) represents the here and now and trends in your life whereas your passive hand indicates the past.




L1: The Life Line.

  • The life line (contrary to popular belief) does not indicate how long you will live. It is a comment on the quality of your life. A wide curving life line indicates indicates vitality. A chained life line can indicate less than robust health. If the head line is stronger than the life line it means that someone is mentally rather than physically active. Small lines arising from the life line are indicative a very active personality. Branches leading to the mount of Jupiter are a sign of academic success. Those leading to the mount of Apollo indicate monetary gain and those leading to the mount of Saturn indicate successful property transactions.

L2: The Head Line.

  • The head line shows how a person thinks but it does not show how intelligent they are. A short head line indicates someone whose thinking is very straightforward and somewhat simplistic. A long head line is indicative of someone who always thinks things through very carefully. A straight line indicates concentrated thinking whereas a curved line indicates someone who is open to new ideas and concepts. A horizontal line indicates someone of a practical nature whereas a slanted line indicates creativity. Chain-like lines will often mean someone is highly strung. A fork anywhere on the head line indicates a willingness and ability to see more than one point of view.

L3: The Heart Line.

  • The heart line often consists of more than one line. Where this is so one line tends to be curved and the other straight. The curved line is the active line for romantic issues and the straight is passive. The curved line is more common for men whereas the straight line is more common for women. In partnerships that work well you will find that both partners have similar heart lines. A heart line with a strong curve below the index and middle fingers indicates a strong sex drive. People with a short and straight heart line tend to be driven by libido only rather than love. A heart line that ends under the index finger indicates someone who is very choosy about a partner. A strong branch that goes down to touch the life line indicates someone who is easily hurt in love.

L4: The Fate Line.

  • A weak fate line indicates someone who is unsettled in life and may well change jobs a lot. Conversely a strong fate line indicates someone who is well settled. A fate line that starts at the bottom of the palm is an indicator that someone has found their life path and is already on it. If the fate line ends at the head line it can indicate someone who has "lost their way" in life and needs to get back on track. Most fate lines end at the heart line but if it runs all the way to the middle finger it can indicate a very active old age. Sometimes when a person has more than one career on the go you will find a double fate line. It is also possible that there is no fate line at all and this indicates a lack of stability.

MM: The Mount Of Mercury.

  • A well developed mount indicates a warm and generous nature whereas an underdeveloped mount can indicate loneliness or someone who is a loner.

MA: The Mount Of Apollo

  • A strongly developed mount indicates an artistic interest.

MS: The Mount Of Saturn.

  • A large mount can indicate a negative attitude. A pessimist.

MJ: The Mount Of Jupiter.

  • This mount is representative of a person's self worth. A well rounded mount can indicate confidence. If it covers a relatively large area it can indicate generosity. If it is high it suggests someone who has control issues.

PM: The Plain Of Mars.

  • Underdevelopment can indicate shyness whereas overdevelopment it can show bad temper.

MN: Mars Negative.

  • If it is well developed it indicates courage and fighting spirit.

MP: Mars Positive.

  • If it is well developed it can indicate staying power and the ability to cope under pressure.


ML: The Mount Of Luna.

  • If it is well developed it is an indication of psychic ability.

MV: The Mount Of Venus.

  • If heavily developed it indicates a strong sex drive but if underdeveloped indicates poor health.