Crystal Grids - Marriage #1

Marriage Crystal Grid
Purpose: Marriage (To an as yet unknown love).

Master Crystal Used: Sardonyx.

Other Crystals Used: 8 x rose quartz.

Geometric Shape Used: Circle.

Special Instructions: -

Notes: The marriage crystal grid is quite a popular choice for many. This particular grid is for those people who do not have a current love or lover in their life. Although most people want love in their life for many there is a clear intention for marriage to follow love once it blossoms. Sardonyx was chosen as the master crystal as it is purely and simply "the" marriage stone.

However, marriage without love first (although it may well work out in the long term), is not desirable for most people and hence rose quartz was chosen to attract a powerful love first. Not many people want marriage at any cost. The geometric shape used was a circle, which is of course, the same shape as a ring. That doesn't mean that another shape won't work. It's just the one that we chose.

This is a long-term crystal grid visualization in so much that it is intended to work within a year. Crystals (most anyway) will need to be cleansed and recharged during that time. Once a month should be enough to keep your grid functioning at optimum power.

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