Dermatoglyphics is the study of the skin ridge patterns and formations found on the fingertips and within the palms themselves, in other words what we call fingerprints. The study of fingerprints was really started by Francis Galton who researched fingertip skin ridge patterns, eventually leading to the introduction of fingerprinting criminals.

Arches: People with mostly arches tend to be somewhat suspicious in nature and tend never to take anything at face value. Instead they wait until something is proven to their satisfaction. Those with arches tend to be good solid hardworking people.

Loops: People with mostly loops tend to be outgoing and usually get on well with everyone. They are good all-round workers but will probably excel at anything involving communication skills.

Tented Arches: People with tented arches are often very involved in anything they choose to do. It is very rare to have a predominance of tented arches. Usually there are just two or three. The index fingers are the most likely to have this particular pattern.

Whorls: People with mostly whorls are definitely not just one of the crowd - they nearly always stand out in a very individualistic manner. They can be somewhat secretive themselves but they are also good at keeping secrets. More times than not they are very talented.

Composites: Composite patterns are relatively rare and are in fact usually a combination of other patterns. People with this type of pattern may often have trouble in making their minds up and may be difficult to deal with on a personal level. Again, it would be very unusual to have more than one or two of this type of pattern.