Dream Dictionary Meaning For Anxiety

Dreaming of anxiety, or being anxious, is nearly always a reflection of something that is going on in real life. Sometimes it may a subconscious fear or fears coming to the surface - something that you have not yet faced or are aware of. This is particularly true if you don't normally feel anxious in the daytime. Look at the clues and/or details within your dream to see if you can identify what it is that is making you dream this way.

If you are anxious during the daytime then the dream is reinforcing the idea that all is not as it should be, or that all is not the way you would like it to be. The dream is a gentle prod to make you face your anxieties and deal with them in an appropriate manner. Very few things in life can be dealt with instantly so it may be that the issue(s) will take a little time to be brought under control. It may be that during this period you will experience the same (or a similar) dream again. If so you may well find that the feeling of anxiety experienced has lessened somewhat if you have made progress. If the feelings are stronger then it indicates that either you have not made an attempt to deal with the issue or that you are attempting to deal with it in the wrong way.