Dream Dictionary Meaning For Crossroads

Dream Dictionary - Crossroads
Dreaming of a crossroads is nearly always a very straightforward dream to interpret. It is an indication that you have reached a point in your life and that you now have a choice to make as to which direction the rest of your life will be heading. You are being told that it is time to make a decision (usually but not always an important one) and start a new stage to your journey of life.

The crossroads can relate to different aspects of life such as your spiritual path, lovelife, career, moving etc. It could well be that some of these are interconnected. Most times you will be aware of which aspect of your life the dream is referring to but if you don't (maybe there are several aspects of your life to which it could apply) then be on the lookout for other hints within the dream that may help give you a clue.

Most times you will just dream of the crossroads itself but on occasions it might be that you see a road sign with it (as in the photograph on this page) in which case you should note the place names given as they may well be relevant - as in you may be thinking of relocating. If this is the case then any one place that is preferable will usually crop up in other ways in your waking life.