Dream Dictionary Meaning For Death

Dreaming of death (whether your own or someone else's) is not uncommon. What would be uncommon is that the message actually related to physical death. That is literally never the case. In fact death within a dream operates very much the same way as "Death" within the Tarot. It is a signal that this is a time of transformation. Not only that, but quite possibly life-changing transformation and it's going to happen whether it's welcome or not. And with that in mind the transition in life that you will be undergoing will be far less traumatic if you don't try to fight or change it. The message is that this is change that is inevitable.

Very often the transformation is actually concerned with your spiritual development or spiritual path - whichever you prefer to call it. It can however, signal transformation at a slightly more mundane level such as the end of a relationship that you're in, or the end of a job etc. Sometimes it may even be both. Inner and outward transformation.

It's slightly less common to dream of someone else's death but the import of the message is still pretty much the same. It almost certainly does not predict physical death and that there will be a transformation coming. It could be that the person you dreamed about is simply no longer going to be part of your life. If you are currently in a relationship it could mean that the relationship is going to end. If that is the case then subconsciously you probably already knew that and it will have the ring of truth to it. If you have been in a relationship that is actually over then it's a reminder that the past is the past. Leave it there. Either way it is time to let go and move on.