Dream Dictionary Meaning For Dieing

Dreaming of dieing like dreaming of death is not that uncommon. Again, like death, it does not signify that you are going to die. Or that anyone else is. It is a message that things are changing and that you will be entering a new phase of life. These changes are probably most often inner changes but they can be outer changes too. Or, at times, both. Your spiritual development is the most common message.

In some ways dreaming of dieing (rather than dreaming of death - the two are connected but not the same) indicates that the transformation may well be somewhat gentler than that indicated by dreaming of death. It is still unlikely that you can stop or alter this projected transformation but you may have more control over how it occurs.

To dream of someone else dieing can also indicate a change but it's more likely to be that your relationship with that person is changing, or as the dream suggests, dieing. Obviously this would usually be a personal relationship but it could also be your boss etc. In which case it may be that it is time to look for a new job and complete the change.