Dream Dictionary

PLEASE NOTE: This section is under construction and is only about 2% complete. You are welcome to look around if you wish but please be aware that this section is being constantly updated.


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Dreams are one of the most important parts of life for by exploring them we can we can better understand the conscious world. Many people say they cannot remember their dreams or that they don't dream. Everyone dreams and everyone has the ability to recall their dreams. It's just a case of training your mind to do so. Before you go to sleep at night say to yourself "I will recall my dreams" several times.

To truly understand dreams it is necessary to not only recall them but to record them in a dream diary or journal. Everything within a dream is important not just what happened. Who was there, what they did, what you did, what was said, what was worn, how you felt during the dream, how you felt upon waking, was it inside or outside, was it somewhere you knew, what else was in the dream, chairs, tables, windows, buildings, teeth etc. Just about anything and everything. Always have a notebook and pen by the side of the bed as it is easier to recall and record your dreams immediately upon waking.

We have spent a very long time getting the Psychic Revelation dream dictionary ready and you will find much more information available here than on any other web site we know. It is intended as a guide only to make you think laterally about what something means to you personally. DON'T take any dictionary interpretation as gospel it could be completely wrong for you. All dreams potentially have a hidden meaning, even erotic dreams and nightmares. This dream dictionary is intended to make you think. As with any form of introspection you need to make sure it feels right when you read a definition.

This dictionary is still a work in progress. If you have a symbol that you would like to see included (especially if you have an interpretation for it too) please contact us.