Dream Dictionary Meaning For Eating

Dreaming of eating is very common. At it's most simplistic level (with no need of interpretation) it indicates a need for food. Midnight munchies in effect!

If you're not physically "hungry" however, it can take on a whole new meaning. Food will often represent aspects of our daily life such as love, friendship, ambition, pleasure, sex etc. Almost anything that we want or need.

If you are eating alone it can often signify loneliness, depression or maybe even rejection. This is particularly true if you have little in the way of a social life and your situation is exacerbated by distance from family etc. The expression "comfort food" does not exist for nothing. Food in our dreams is often a metaphor for something we are lacking. The biggest clue here will be how you felt during the dream. It is not uncommon to still feel unsatisfied no matter how much you eat during the dream. It could well be time to get out there and braoden your social circle.

If, when you are eating, you find that the food is being cleared or taken away before you have finished it may mean that you will have problems with those around you - particularly those that are beneath orr dependent upon you.

Eating with others is a little different. It can denote that you have a lot going on in life as regards other people. Friends, family, lover(s) etc. It's a message to count your blessings.