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Dream Dictionary Non-IFrame Version - H


Dreaming that you are putting a halter on a horse may indicate that you are trying to persuade someone to see things from your point of view only at any cost. Although trying to make someone see things from your point of view is something quite natural it becomes an imposition if you are attempting to force it upon them.

It is also quite possible that the halter actually indicates that you are being too possessive in some way with someone. Perhaps you are being more controlling than you realize and if so you should take steps to rectify this.

Whichever is the case you need to take a step back and rethink the situation. Things will rarely turn out to be to your advantage (although it may seem so in the short term) if you have forced them. In the long term it will be a negative move.



Dreaming of handcuffs when you have not seen them being put on often indicates that you feel that you are being held back in your waking life. This may be because your own attitudes are holding you back or it may be because you don't have the freedom to take your life in the direction that you wish to go.

If you see the handcuffs being put on and it is someone that you know that has done this then this is an indication that this particular person is holding you back in some way. Whether they are doing so intentionally or not is neither here nor there at surface level as the restriction you feel is the same either way. Although an unintentional intent on their part will probably be easier to rectify.

If it is someone that you don't know who has put the handcuffs on you then this can indicate that the situation is currently beyond your control or that there are unknown factors at work. If you feel that unknown factors may indeed be at work then you should consider asking for guidance in your dreams prior to going to sleep. If you fail to get the guidance that you asked for or do not understand what is being given to you then you should consider the possibility of getting a psychic reading to help clarify the issue.

If, on the other hand, it is you that is putting the handcuffs on somebody else then you should consider the possibility that you are being overly possessive with that person is concerned. It may be that you are not aware that your actions are coming across in this way.



Dreaming of being helpless or having a feeling of helplessness suggests that you may be experiencing difficulties within a current situation. Whether this is a relationship or some other situation it indicates that you do not feel that you are in control as much as you would like to be.

In effect the dream is telling you that if you wish to be free of this feeling then you will need to make the attempt to become more proactive in your waking life and not be as reactive as you currently appear to be.

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