Dream Dictionary Meaning For Reading

When you dream about reading, first consider the actual content of what was read, if you can remember it. That is usually the strongest and clearest message. (For example if you dream that you read “Wash me” written on a wall or on a car, it may simply be a message that you need to do some cleaning up!)

When you dream about reading a book, again you’d want to consider the title of the book if that was clear in the dream, as this can be a clue to a topic which is important to you which may not be getting its’ proper attention. However if you simply see yourself reading, it indicates that you may have a need for more personal time and time alone to do what you want to do and to learn/study new things.

To dream of someone else reading a book, (again, it would be important to consider the title, if that is clear in the dream) in general indicates that the person doing the reading may need a bit of “space” from you and/or that you are feeling as though that person may not be giving you the attention that you need or want.

To dream of struggling with reading, such as attempting to read something in another language, points to some important issues which you may be finding confusing in your waking life, and you need to do more exploration so that things become clearer.