Dream Dictionary Meaning For Riot

Dream Dictionary - Riot
To dream of a riot indicates that you are feeling as though things in your life, and possibly in the world as a whole, are completely out of control. Particularly if this is a recurring dream, it is important for you to look at what it is in your life which is under your control, (even if it is only seemingly small things, such as your attitude, or what you eat or wear) and that you pay attention to controlling those things.

Any steps that you can take to help yourself feel more “in control” of yourself and your fears, is likely to be a good thing now, however of course you cannot control other people. Consider whether or not there was anyone at the dreamed riot that you know. If there are recognizable people there, you may have some underlying conflict with those people and/or be worried about how they will “get by,” in coming days.

This dream also points to a need to be careful not to worry too much. Worry is not helpful and changes nothing. Do what you can and let the rest go.