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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Sadism

To dream of sadism usually indicates repressed anger and a desire to punish those responsible for making you feel that way. This may stem from childhood experiences or from present day feelings of unfairness. Anything that in your mind was not right and shouldn't have happened or be happening.

If you are dreaming of being sadistic to someone you know this indicates that (in your mind at least) they have upset you or been unjust to you, or even hurt you in some way (physically or emotionally) and this is your unconscious desire to "get even".

If you don't know the person on the "receiving end" it can mean that you feel that life in general has been unfair and unkind and that you are simply lashing out in your frustration.

There is also the possibility that this dream is sex related and indicates a dissatisfaction with your current sex life and that you feel the need to explore alternative or more interesting themes. In which case it may be that you have the sexual desire to explore a sado-masochistic environment.

In general dreaming of sadism can simply indicate a need to control. This may be because you feel that others in your life are too controlling, or that you yourself do not exercise enough control over what is going on in your life.