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Dream Dictionary Meaning For Spanking

Spanking is an interesting element to a dream in so much that it can have a lot of connotations. You will need to examine your feelings at the time of your dream to ascertain any clues that may be present.

If you are doing the spanking then it indicates repressed anger and a desire to punish those responsible for making you feel that way. This may stem from childhood experiences or from present day feelings of unfairness. Anything that in your mind was not right and shouldn't have happened or be happening. Something you need to consider though, is whether the punishment was warranted and not just a lack of self-control on your part. You also need to consider who was being punished. Was it someone you know? If so, what have they done to deserve the spanking?

If you are the one being spanked then it can indicate that you have done or said something that you feel was not right and hence you feel guilty and the need for punishment. If this is the case then consider whether you can do or say anything to make up for what you have done or said.

There is also the possibility that this dream is sex related and indicates a dissatisfaction with your current sex life and that you feel the need to explore alternative or more exciting themes. Obviously there will be a sexual feeling to the dream if this is the case. It may be that you have the sexual desire to explore a sado-masochistic environment.