Geomancy Interpretation - Amissio

  • English Name: Loss.
  • Planet: Venus (retrograde).
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
  • Portent: Very bad.
  • Time: Days.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Fire.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Humor: Choleric.
  • Stability: Mobile.
  • Direction: Exiting.

Amissio in the first House signifies the sick not to live long, and sheweth a short life; signifies a man of disproportioned members of his body, and one of a wicked life and conversation, and who is marked with some notorious and remarkable defect in some part of his body, as either lame, or maimed, or the like.

In the second House consumeth all substance, and maketh one to suffer and undergo the burden of miserable poverty, neither these, nor the thing stolen shall be found; signifies treasure not to be in the place sought after, and to be sought with loss and damage.

In the third House Amissio signifies death of brethren, or the want of them, and of kindred and friends; signifieth no journeys, and causeth one to be deceived of many.

In the fourth House Amissio signifies the utter destruction of ones Patrimony, sheweth the Father to be poor, and Son to die.

Amissio in the fifth House sheweth death of children, and afflicts a man with divers sorrows; signifieth a woman not to be with child, or else to have miscarried; raiseth no fame or honours, and disperseth false rumors.

In the sixth House Amissio signifies the sick to be recovered, or that he shall soon recover; but causeth loss and damage by servants and cattels.

In the seventh House Amissio giveth an adulterous wife, and contrarying her husband with continual contention; nevertheless she shall not live long; and it causeth contentions to be ended.

In the eighth House Amissio signifies a man to be dead, consumeth the dowry of a wife; bestoweth or sendeth no inheritances or legacies.

In the ninth House Amissio causeth no journeys, but such as shall be compassed with very great loss; signifies men to be inconstant in Religion, and often changing their opinion from one sect to another, and altogether ignorant of learning.

In the tenth House Amissio rendereth Princes to be most unfortunate, and sheweth that they shall be compelled to end their lives in exile and banishment; Judges to be wicked; and signifies Offices and Magistracy to be damageable, and sheweth the death of a Mother.

In the eleventh House Amissio signifies few friends, and causeth them to be easily lost, and turned to become enemies; and causeth a man to have no favour with his Prince, unless it be hurtful to him.

In the twelfth House Amissio destroyeth all enemies, detaineth long in prison, but preserveth from dangers.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.