Geomancy Interpretation - Fortuna Minor

  • English Name: The lesser fortune.
  • Planet: Sun
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
  • Portent: Moderately bad.
  • Time: Months.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Choleric.
  • Stability: Mobile.
  • Direction: Exiting.

Fortuna minor in the first house, giveth long life, but incumbred with divers molestations and sicknesses: it signifieth a person of short stature, a lean body, having a mold or mark in his forehead or right eye.

In the second House, he signifies substance, and that to be consumed with too much prodigality: hideth a thief; and a thing stoln is scarcely to be recovered, but with great labour.

In the third House, he causeth discord amongst brethren and kinsfolks; threatneth danger to be in a journey, but escapeth it: rendreth men to be of good faith, but of close and hidden mindes.

In the fourth House, he prejudiceth Patrimonies and Inheritances; concealeth treasures; and things lost cannot be regained, but with great difficulty: He signifieth a father to be honest, but a spender of his estate through prodigality, leaving small portions to his children.

In the fifth House giveth few children; a woman with childe he signifies shall have a woman-childe; signifies Embassages to be honourable, but little profitable; raiseth to mean honours; giveth a good fame after death, but not much divulged; nor of lasting memory.

In the sixth House, he signifies diseases, both Sanguine and Cholerick; sheweth the sick person to be in great danger, but shall recover: signifies faithful servants, but slothful and unprofitable: And the same of other animals.

In the seventh House, he giveth a wife of a good progenie descended; but you shall be incumbred with many troubles with her: causeth love to be anxious & unconstant: prolongeth contentions, and maketh ones adversary to circumvent him with many cavillations; but in process of time he giveth victory.

In the eighth House, he sheweth the kind of death to be good and honest; but obscure, or in a strange place, or pilgrimage: discovereth Legacies and Possessions; but to be obtained with suit and difficulty: denoteth Funerals and Buryings to be obscure; the portion of a wife to be hardly gotten, but easily spent.

In the ninth House, he maketh journeys to be dangerous; and a party absent slowly to return: causeth men to be occupied in offices of Religion: sheweth Sciences to be unaccomplished; but keepeth constancy in faith and Religion.

In the tenth House, he signifieth Kings and Princes to be potent; but to gain their power with war and violence: banished men he sheweth shall soon return: it likewise discovereth Honors, great Offices and benefits; but for which you shall continually labour and strive, and wherein you shall have no stable continuance: A Judge shall not favour you: Suits and contentions he prolongeth: A father and mother he sheweth shall soon die, and always to be affected with many diseases.

In the eleventh House, he maketh many friends; but such as are poor and unprofitable, and not able to relieve thy necessities: it ingratiates you with Princes, and giveth great hopes, but small gains; neither long to continue in any benefice or offices bestowed by a Prince.

In the twelfth House, he sheweth enemies to be crafty, subtil, and fraudulent, and studying to circumvent you with many secret factions: signifies one in prison to be long detained, but at length to be delivered: Animals he sheweth to be unfruitful, and servants unprofitable; and the changes of fortune to be frequent, from good to evil, and from bad to good.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.