Geomancy Interpretation - Laetitia

  • English Name: Joy.
  • Planet: Jupiter (retrograde).
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus.
  • Portent: Good.
  • Time: Years.
  • Time Of Day: Diurnal.
  • Element: Air.
  • Gender: Masculine.
  • Humor: Sanguine.
  • Stability: Mobile.
  • Direction: Exiting.

Laetitia in the first House signifies long life with prosperity, and much joy and gladness, and causeth a man to out-live and be more victorious than all his brethren; signifies a man of a tall stature, fair members, a broad forehead, having great and broad teeth; and that hath a face comely and well coloured.

In the second House it signifies riches and many gains, but great expences and various mutations of one state and condition; theft and any thing lost is recovered and returned: but if the Question be of a theef, it declareth him to be fled away.

In the third House Laetitia sheweth brethren to be of a good conversation, but of short life; journeys pleasant and comfortable; men of good credit and faith.

In the fourth he signifies happy Patrimonies and possessions, a Father to be noble, and honoured with the dignity of some princely office; sheweth treasure to be in the place enquired after, but of less worth and value then is supposed, and causeth it to be found.

In the fifth House he giveth obedient children, endued with good manners, and in whom shall be had the greatest joy and comfort of old age; signifies a woman with child to bring forth a daughter; sheweth honourable Embassages, and declares rumours and news to be altogether true, and leaveth a good and ample fame after death.

In the sixth House it sheweth the sick shall recover, denoteth good servants, good and profitable cattel and animals.

In the seventh House Laetitia giveth a wife fair, beautiful and young; overcometh strifes and contentions, and rendereth the success thereof to be love.

Laetitia in the eighth House giveth Legacies and possessions, and a commendable portion with a wife: if a Question be proposed concerning the condition of any man, it signifies him to be alive, and declares an honest, quiet, and meek kinde of death.

In the ninth House Laetitia signifies very few journies, and those that do apply themselves to travail, their journeyes either are about the Messages and Embassages of Princes, or Pilgrimages to fulfil holy vows; sheweth a man to be of a good religion, of indifferent knowledge, and who easily apprehendeth all things with natural ingenuity.

In the tenth House, it raiseth Kings and Princes to honour and great renown; maketh them famous by maintaining peace during their times; signifies Judges to be cruel & severe; honest Offices and Magistracy; signifies those things which are exercised either about Ecclesiastical affairs, schools, or the administration of justices; sheweth a mother if she be a widow, that she shall be married again.

In the eleventh House Laetitia increaseth favour with Princes, and multiplies friends.

In the twelfth House Laetitia giveth the victory over enemies; causeth good servants and families, delivereth from imprisonment, and preserveth from future evils.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.