Geomancy Interpretation - Populus

  • English Name: People.
  • Planet: Moon (waxing).
  • Zodiac Sign: Capricorn.
  • Portent: Mostly bad.
  • Time: Months.
  • Time Of Day: Nocturnal.
  • Element: Water.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Phlegmatic.
  • Stability: Both.
  • Direction: Both.

Populus being found in the first House, if a Question be propounded concerning that House, sheweth a mean life, of a middle age, but inconstant, with divers sicknesses, and various successes of Fortune: signifies a man of middle stature, a gross body, well set in his members; perhaps some mold or mark about his left eye. But if a Question shall be propounded concerning the figure of a man, and to this figure if there be joyned any of the figures of Saturn or Rubeus, it sheweth the man to be monstrously deformed; and that deformity he signifies to proceed from his birth: but if in the fifth House, if he be encompassed with malevolent Aspects, then that monstrousness is to come.

In the second House, Populus sheweth a mean substance, and that to be gotten with great difficulty: maketh a man also always sensible of laborious toyl: things stoln are never regained: what is lost shall never be wholly recovered: that which is hidden shall not be found. But if the Question be of a thief, it declareth him not yet to be fled away, but to lie lurking within the City.

In the third House, Populus raiseth few friends, either of brethren or kindred: forsheweth journeys, but with labour and trouble; notwithstanding some profit may accrue by them: denotes a man unstable in his faith, and causeth a man often to be deceived by his companions.

In the fourth House, it signifies a father to be sickly, and of a laborious life, and his earthly possessions and inheritances to be taken away: sheweth profit to be gained by water: sheweth treasure not to be hid; or if these be any hidden, that it shall not be found: A patrimony to be preserved with great labour.

In the fifth House, he sheweth no honest Messages, but either maketh the messengers to be Porters, or publike Carryers: he divulgeth false rumours, which notwithstanding have the likeness of some truth, and seem to have their original from truth, which is not reported as it is done: It signifies a woman to be barren, and causeth such as are great with childe to be abortives: appointeth an inglorious Funeral, and ill report after death.

In the sixth House, Populus sheweth cold sicknesses; and chiefly affecteth the lower parts of the body: A Physician is declared to be careless and negligent in administring Physick to the sick, and signifies those that are affected with sickness to be in danger of death, and scarcely recover at all: it notes the decitfulness of servants, and detriment of cattel.

In the seventh House, it sheweth a wife to be fair and pleasant, but one that shall be sollicited with the love of many wooers: signifies her loves to be feigned and dissembling: maketh weak and impotent adversaries soon to desert prosecuting.

In the eighth House, it denotes sudden death without any long sickness or anguish, and oftentimes sheweth death by the water; giveth no inheritance, possession or legacy from the dead; and if any be, they shall be lost by some intervening contention, or other discord: he signifies the dowry of a wife to be little or none.

Populus in the ninth House, sheweth false dreams, personates a man of rude wit, without any learning or science; In religion he signifies inferiour Offices, such as serve either to cleanse the Church, or ring the bells; and he signifies a man little curious or studious in religion, neither one that is troubled with much conscience.

In the tenth House he signifies such Kings and Princes, as for the most part are expulsed out of their Rule and Dominions, or either suffer continual trouble and detriment about them: he signifies Offices and Magistracy, which appertain to matters concerning the waters, as about the Navy, bridges, fishings, shores, meadows, & things of the like sort; maketh Judges to be variable and slowe in expediting of Causes before them; declareth a Mother to be sickly, and of a short life.

In the eleventh House he giveth few friends, and many flatterers; and with Princes giveth neither favour nor fortune.

In the twelfth House he sheweth weak and ignoble enemies; declareth one in prison not to be delivered, discovereth dangers in waters, and watry places.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.