Geomancy Interpretation - Tristitia

  • English Name: Sorrow.
  • Planet: Saturn (retrograde).
  • Zodiac Sign: Scorpio.
  • Portent: Very bad.
  • Time: Years.
  • Time Of Day: Nocturnal.
  • Element: Earth.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Melancholy.
  • Stability: Fixed.
  • Direction: Entering.

Tristitia in the first House doth not abbreviate life, but afflicteth it with many molestations; signifieth a person of good manners and carriage, but one that is solitary, and slow in all his business and occasions; one that is solitary, melancholly, seldom laughing, but most covetous after all things.

In the second House it giveth much substance and riches, but they that have them, shall not enjoy them, but shall rather hide them, and shall scarce afford to themselves food or sustenance therefore; treasure shall not be found, neither shall the theef nor the theft.

Tristitia in the third House signifieth a man to have few brethren, but sheweth that he shall outlive them all; causeth unhappy journeys, but giveth good faith.

In the fourth House Tristitia consumeth and destroyeth fields, possessions and inheritances; causeth a Father to be old and of long life, and a very covetous hoorder up of money.

In the fifth House it signifies no children, or that they shall soon die; sheweth a woman with child to bring forth a woman-child, giveth no fame nor honors.

In the sixth House Tristitia sheweth that the sick shall die; servants shall be good, but slothful; and signifies cattel shall be of a small price or value.

In the seventh House Tristitia sheweth that the wife shall soon die; and declareth suits and contentions to be very hurtful, and determining against you.

In the eighth House it signifies the kinde of death to be with long and grievous sickness, and much dolour and pain; giveth legacies and an inheritance, and indoweth a wife with a portion.

Tristitia in the ninth House, sheweth that he that is absent shall perish in his journey; or signifies that some evil mischance shall happen unto him; causeth journeys to be very unfortunate, but declareth men to be of good Religion, devout, and profound Scholars.

In the tenth House Tristitia signifies Princes to be severe, but very good lovers of justice; it causeth just Judges, but such as are tedious and slow in determining of causes; bringeth a Mother to a good old age, with integrity and honesty of life, but mixt with divers discommodities and mis-fortunes; it raiseth to great Offices, but they shall not be long enjoyed nor persevered in; it signifies such Offices as do appertain to the water, or tillage, and manuring of the Earth, or such as are to be imployed about matters of Religion and wisdom.

In the eleventh House Tristitia signifies scarcity of friends, and the death of friends; and also signifies little love or favour.

In the twelfth House it sheweth no enemies; wretchedly condemneth the imprisoned; and causeth many discommodities and disprofits to happen in ones life.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.