Geomancy Interpretation - Via

  • English Name: Way.
  • Planet: Moon (waning).
  • Zodiac Sign: Leo.
  • Portent: Good.
  • Time: Months.
  • Time Of Day: Nocturnal.
  • Element: Water.
  • Gender: Feminine.
  • Humor: Phlegmatic.
  • Stability: Both.
  • Direction: Both.

Via in the first House, bestoweth a long and prosperous life; giveth signification of a stranger; lean of body, and tall of stature; fair of complexion, having a small beard: a person liberal and pleasant; but slowe, and little addicted to labour.

In the second, he increaseth substance and riches; recovereth any thing that is stolen or lost; but signifies the thief to be departed without the City.

In the third, he multiplies brethren and kinsfolks; signifies continual journeys, and prosperous; men that are publikely known, honest, and of good conversation.

Via in the fourth House, signifies the father to be honest; increaseth the Patrimony and Inheritance; produceth wealthy fields; sheweth treasure to be in the place enquired after; recovereth any thing lost.

In the fifth, he increaseth the company of male-children; sheweth a woman with childe to bring forth a male-childe; sendeth Embassages to strange and remote parts; increaseth publike honours; signifieth an honest kinde of death, and to be known thorow many Provinces.

In the sixth House, Via preserveth from sickness; signifies the diseased speedily to recover; giveth profitable servants, and animals fruitful and profitable.

In the seventh House, he bestoweth a wife fair and pleasant, with whom you shall enjoy perpetual felicity: causeth strifes and controversies most speedily to be determined; adversaries to be easily overcome, and that shall willingly submit their controversies to the Arbitration of good men.

In the eighth House, he sheweth the kinde of death to proceed from Phlegmatick diseases; to be honest, and of good report; discovereth great Legacies, and rich Inheritances to be obtained by the dead: And if any one hath been reported to be dead, it sheweth him to be alive.

In the ninth House, Via causeth long journeys by water, especially by Sea, and portendeth very great gains to be acquired thereby: he denoteth Priesthoods, and profits from Ecclesiastical employments; maketh men of good Religion, upright, and constant of faith: sheweth dreams to be true, whose signification shall suddenly appear: increaseth Philosophical and Grammatical Sciences, and those things which appertain to the instruction and bringing up of children.

In the tenth House if Via be found, he maketh Kings and Princes happie and fortunate, and such as shall maintain continual peace with their Allies; and that they shall require amity and friendship amonst many Princes by their several Embassages: promoteth publike Honours, Offices, and Magistracie amongst the vulgar and common people; or about things pertaining to the water, journeys, or about gathering Taxes and Assessments: sheweth Judges to be just and merciful, and that shall quickly dispatch Causes depending before them: and denotes a mother to be of good repute, health, and of long life.

In the eleventh House, he raiseth many wealthy friends, and acquireth faithful friends in forraign Provinces and Countries, and that shall willingly relieve him that requires them, with all help and diligence: It ingratiates persons with profit and trust amongst Princes, employing him in such Offices, as he shall be incumbred with continual travels.

In the twelfth House, causeth many enemies, but such as of whom little hurt or danger is to be feared: signifies servants and animals to be profitable: whosoever is in prison, to be escaped, or speedily to be delivered from thence: and preserveth a man from the evil accidents of Fortune.


Translated into English by Robert Turner 1655.